I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter!... Oh and also I draw and animate when I feel like it, you should totally go watch it

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If you're wondering why I'm not drawing /posting art anymore, well it's high time I tell you why. This is my first and only drawing pad I've ever had, I've had it for a bit over 10 years. Slowly it began not to work properly, First the pressure stopped working right so it could only make thick lines, I worked with that for a good while even though it was annoying to me bc of details, then after a while it began gradually stopping registering my pen so it would lag/jump on and off , that made me feel like it was time to take a break from it because I felt frustrated about it, I then began sketching in my art book to practice, I got better and still find it interesting and fun, but I felt like I wanted more "the power to erase mistakes with 1 button click, the multiple layer drawing, the brushes and more" so it's been a good 3 years and I dug out my trusty old HUION pad from a mountain of dust in the darkest corner of my room, started it and Lord behold it worked...or so I thought, it started up but whatever I did it just wouldn't work. The first 3 seconds I managed to move the pen but then it stopped, permanently, however much I changed the pen head it wouldn't work, that's when I realised that I had lost my good friend, my first and only drawing pad...There's an emotional story behind that, but to shorten it I'm not what you can consider "rich" and I spend the small amount of money I get before I can save up, nowadays it's basically all going to freelance and ameture artists trying to get by because I adore them all, The art they do, the emotions and time spent behind it, I even pay for commissions every now and then, i also run a story rich RPG Action Adventure Minecraft server (still in development and currenbtly in stop) with an equal emotional story/meaning but to sum it up, I spend most of my money on others before myself, i make sure i get by "but" i always seem to lack money for what i want in life, travel, give my family real presents, inviting friends out and more. There's so much emotion behind the story of this one semi cheap drawing pad. Since i was a kid i wanted to draw/animate, i "was" and "am" not good at it (yet) but that's not stopping me from keep on going with what I have, heck I started with pen and paper, then mouse and one day my parents decided to give me what i couldn't afford because of what i just said (I was never good at saving however much I tried) they actually went through the trouble to find a drawing pad and order it just for me, imagine how i felt at my birthday when i got the news.. and the papers, yes papers because it couldn't be there in time for my birthday so my dad drew a drawing pad on paper and put an ark under, that was one of the best days of my life. It wasn't a "good" model and it wasn't a new model but it was mine and it worked. I began experimenting, i even made a small improvised animation in 5 minutes for them to see at Christmas (it seems simple but it was damn hard to me) after that i got better i even got to meet/chat with a lot of other artists/animators who i'm good friends with today. i felt great... untill this whole thing started going down with it, i was forced to go back to pen and paper (you probably see most of my art now is on paper and bad) it's not stopping me from making more artist friends and making art myself though, heck i even befriended Edd (Eddsworld) funny enough very randomly, commenting funny and happy on his animations and him commenting back, mostly just from having the same interest and being the good guy i am. To sum this all up ~ thank you all for being great people and good friends, thanks for bearing with me and my weird awkward and goofy yet friendly way of being. I have actually managed to scrape a bit together and next month i am buying a new draw pad! I'll be having a propper funeral for my old trusty friend "draw pad" and draw something nice to let you all know that I'll be rejoining the community i'd like to call "home". To all artists, drawers, animators and other content creators out there ~ thank you for being awesome, know that I got your back ~

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