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I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter!... Oh and also I draw and animate when I feel like it, you should totally go watch it

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3D College

I was finally accepted as one of the about 15 - 20 of over 200 trying to join 3D College :) There are different lines of school work there. Like GameIT College and some other stuff...whatever, in 3D College my line is called "webintegrator" y'know, those who makes coding and web sites... although it's kinda a lie, primarely we focus on 3D art/drawing and a bit of 3D animating, the coding is more for making a web portefolio... i think that's how it's spelled... anyway that's amazing!.

2D Drawing and flash 

The reason why i havn't been drawing for a long time "very regretably by the way" is because i got a new badass expensive PC *yay* but the "cables" for my drawing pad can't reach the PC... So i've had a problem with that for quite a while now. But another plus about 3D College is that i get a free laptop while there, so i can draw again in my free time :D. A lot is going to happen from August 13th. And i hope that i'll become great at animating/drawing 3D. I couldn't get to animation school for basically 2D / flash drawing because they only take "the best" in... dammit. But it'll do, hopefully when i'm done with 3D College, i can go there. We'll see. I got plans for the future though and hopefully i can go through with it all with no problems. Have a good time peeps.

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