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I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter!... Oh and also I draw and animate when I feel like it, you should totally go watch it

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AsternFredAnimations's News

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - July 2nd, 2018

3D College

I was finally accepted as one of the about 15 - 20 of over 200 trying to join 3D College :) There are different lines of school work there. Like GameIT College and some other stuff...whatever, in 3D College my line is called "webintegrator" y'know, those who makes coding and web sites... although it's kinda a lie, primarely we focus on 3D art/drawing and a bit of 3D animating, the coding is more for making a web portefolio... i think that's how it's spelled... anyway that's amazing!.

2D Drawing and flash 

The reason why i havn't been drawing for a long time "very regretably by the way" is because i got a new badass expensive PC *yay* but the "cables" for my drawing pad can't reach the PC... So i've had a problem with that for quite a while now. But another plus about 3D College is that i get a free laptop while there, so i can draw again in my free time :D. A lot is going to happen from August 13th. And i hope that i'll become great at animating/drawing 3D. I couldn't get to animation school for basically 2D / flash drawing because they only take "the best" in... dammit. But it'll do, hopefully when i'm done with 3D College, i can go there. We'll see. I got plans for the future though and hopefully i can go through with it all with no problems. Have a good time peeps.

AsternFred - signing out

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - August 8th, 2017

First off, no i didnt get into 3DCollege. and secondly, i went through 9th grade and passed everything, top grade on all English tests, pretty good. And now for today, i do animate but the problem with it though is that i cant get far into the progress since Flash keeps closing down every time i get half way through the animation. I wont give up though, it might just take longer than i anticipated to animate. Anyway, i am taking the 10th grade too, and after that if i havnt found a job or got into an animator workshop/school i will "possibly" be moving to Chicago for a bit over a year to study there. I've heard that they accept basically everyone who seeks to study there,  so that's good. That's all for now, i hope i finish an animation soon. Fred signing off.

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - April 27th, 2017


 Yes i am studying a lot, and that equals in that i cant really afford to spend time "animating" when i say animating i mean starting a project and leaving it for a long period of time. I'm also "possibly" getting in to 3D College where i can learn more about 3D which will do me good, only "maybe" though


I actually "surprisingly as it may be" animate some time in my spare time, but i cant run away from the fact that i'm a "gamer" and i spend a shit ton of my free time gaming, but that's because it's relaxing, and i really need to relax after studying as i do. "i never finished my 9th grade in elementary school so i'm taking it in a school for grown up people *not embaresing at all...* " compared to most animators who say that they study, they actually study animating and do animating in their school time, I WANNA' DO THAT! unfortunately there is only 1 animator school in Denmark where they focus specificly on animating, and it's SUPER hard to get a spot there. Anyway i am animating some times but not all the time, and i have a LOT! of unfinished projects on my PC just lying there, but it is very hard to animate with a crappy program as (Macromedia Flash MX 2004) but i cant really complain about it because it's free and i have abseloutly no money to spare for anything except the rent for the appartment and food... I'll finish one of the animations at some point in this year though i promise, but it'll probably only be some boring strange crazy stick figure animation since that's all i can do in that program, there's really not many tools to work with and i have a really bad/cheap drawing tablet that's not making it easier. Most of the drawings i have made is actually just practise for drawing styles, color combining and other stuff.

That's all i can think of at the moment.

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - January 3rd, 2017


Evil-Dog gave me a push and told me, AND I QUOTE! (Your name is AsternFredAnimations but you only have 1 animation, make more bro! :P) So yea... expect crappy stickmen animations from me for a while, just so i can live up to my name AsternFred"Animations" i have about 6 half finished projects already, so you'll probably see something sooner than you know it.

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - October 10th, 2016

PROBLEM It's been a long time since i last put up a post. This post is about be being Waaaaaaay too slow with uploading stuff. I am animating by the way, and i just got some new sound/voice recording stuff, but i animate and draw VERY! slow because *I SUCK* or so i think myself. All i have to work with right now is freakin' Macromedia Flash MX 2004 And that's not a good program by the way, but it is free. So that's what i have to work with and that's also why i work so slowly, because it's hard to work with a program that has basically only 2 pencil types and the basic tools. I'll be uploading as soon as i finish something though, just expect some craaaazy stuff, because there is really none of the lines that is shaped as i want them to be. Cya around

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - June 4th, 2016

I've taken a big decision for next month... I'm gonna spend all of my payment to buy Adobe Flash CS6. Am i sure i want to do that and is it worth it? YES! i have to do it sometime and that time would be as good as any other. I cant wait to show you guys what i've learned from tutorials on the web, and i have so many ideas i have to get out so look forward to it :D

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - April 10th, 2016

AsternFredAnimations i changed the name because in the future, when i'll be making animations, it's going to be called "AsternFredAnimations" AFA for short. My avatar name is AsternFred so i figured. Why not AsternFredAnimations? well, it is and it will stay that way. "olopoly has haunted me long enough followed by Fred The Assassin a.k.a FTAstudios" i think i'll be making a combo animation some day about all three as their own character... "too many ideas!" i'll put the idea aside along with all my other ideas for now. "i literally have a chest filled with papers with ideas i have written down to remember later" With that said -Stay cool folks- ~AsternFred - out~

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - March 31st, 2016

I'll inform you that i wont be animating n'till i get a real CS6. at the moment i own *and i am not afraid to say it because it's not entirely illegal* a utorrent cracked version of CS4 and i cant find a permenant code for it so i'll have to find a new one every time i open it. And frankly, i am getting pretty tired of that. So i'll be animating when i get a real perm. code. which i will probably... Possibly... Maybe, do in about July. Meanwhile i'll be drawing and illustrating. first off, it's kinda fun, and secondly it doesn't require as much time. I find it very relaxing and teaching. So you will probably be seeing more art soon. n'till then, have a good time. ~AsternFred - out~

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - February 9th, 2016



I hereby dedicate "most of" my extremely boring freetime i have to animate. I have made some movement tests "Just ask Wooley World... no seriursly, dont." and they look pretty... alright they look terrible, point is i know the basics now and i found out how much time it will take me to make just ONE! animation, and how much patience it requires. To all animators out there, i am truely sorry i ever thought your "job" as animator was easy and didn't require much patience. But i am not a patient guy, but i am not the type to give up either, and THAT is a bad combination. I guess it goes through the family the whole "not being patient" thing. But i will spend more time animating now. I havn't been kepping my promise before, but i will now... Hopefully... Probably... Possibly... Alright i wont make promises i cant keep but i sure as hell will give it a try and i'll succeed some day.

Posted by AsternFredAnimations - December 22nd, 2015


I finally finished my Christmas animation. I was very buissy so i didn't have alot of time to make it. I had one day left. it took me 7 hours to make it... 15 if you count the breaks. At (3:00 AM) i made the final touch and uploaded it to newgrounds. I was time pressed so i couldn't make it as perfect as i wanted to, but i thought *if you cant make it perfect, then at least make what you had in mind.* and so i did. It's not "amazing" i guess. But it's kinda good for a first animation if you ask me. The others i am gonna' make will be alot better, since i wont be time pressed. I really hope you like it, or at least find it a bit funny. Have a Merry Christmas. And Happy Hollidays, or whatever...