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Man i just can't stop loving Nwar. It's so thrilling, so awesome, so much of everything that is good! i love it! and best of all, it usually comes with twists and turns i did NOT predict at all! this is so exciting! i can only imagine it's either hard to anime, hard to come up with stories or you have other stuff to do than make Nwar, cause in my opinion... it just takes too long for another episode to be made! So good! Well done man

Been a while since i last saw one of your animations. Always loved your style and humor, this is great! can't wait for the next video

So awesome! well done

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Brings back good old memories of back when i was a kid and played multiplay Bubble Bobble with a friend of mine. Good game man, Not exactly perfect, but interesting. Well done!

No offence but it's so bad... yet so adictive and good at the same time XD you did good!

jeremy7986 responds:

Thanks! If it's a drug, don't use it too much. XDDDDD

THis is the BEST game of TicTacToe i've EVER played! gg man well done. Although i wish therte were more music to it, but it's good

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That's pretty good, keep up the good work man. Looking forward to more music soon :)

You simply just manage to impress me every time! this is amazing! :D i really wanna' say a lot about this but as most of your music in my opinion, no words can really express how good i think it is! Well done my friend

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Aww, thank you for the constant support :)
It always makes my day to see your nice reviews!! I'm glad you liked this piece as well ^__^

Not my kind of favorite music to be honest, but that doesn't mean it's not good. It's GREAT! the theme really points out "Medieval" great job, i just love your music :D

Everratic responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you can still appreciate it :)

That's indeed what I was aiming for.

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I don't know why but i get this Spyro esk vibe here man. Anyway it's very well done and i love it! :D the background is amazing and the colours, oh don't even get me started, the shading is brilliant too!

* Jaw dropping * whoa. Shouldn't that be judged as [T] instead of [M] though? i thought that [M] was if there's any nude body parts shown… Damn i love this loop

That's some nice shoulder bopping loop you made there, and the drawing is good. I love that background, even though it's just a color i think somehow it fits perfectly well into this, you plan on coloring it or leaving the color like this?

I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter!... Oh and also I draw and animate when I feel like it, you should totally go watch it

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