Animation projects and Study work = I'm slow

2017-04-27 18:17:00 by AsternFredAnimations


 Yes i am studying a lot, and that equals in that i cant really afford to spend time "animating" when i say animating i mean starting a project and leaving it for a long period of time. I'm also "possibly" getting in to 3D College where i can learn more about 3D which will do me good, only "maybe" though


I actually "surprisingly as it may be" animate some time in my spare time, but i cant run away from the fact that i'm a "gamer" and i spend a shit ton of my free time gaming, but that's because it's relaxing, and i really need to relax after studying as i do. "i never finished my 9th grade in elementary school so i'm taking it in a school for grown up people *not embaresing at all...* " compared to most animators who say that they study, they actually study animating and do animating in their school time, I WANNA' DO THAT! unfortunately there is only 1 animator school in Denmark where they focus specificly on animating, and it's SUPER hard to get a spot there. Anyway i am animating some times but not all the time, and i have a LOT! of unfinished projects on my PC just lying there, but it is very hard to animate with a crappy program as (Macromedia Flash MX 2004) but i cant really complain about it because it's free and i have abseloutly no money to spare for anything except the rent for the appartment and food... I'll finish one of the animations at some point in this year though i promise, but it'll probably only be some boring strange crazy stick figure animation since that's all i can do in that program, there's really not many tools to work with and i have a really bad/cheap drawing tablet that's not making it easier. Most of the drawings i have made is actually just practise for drawing styles, color combining and other stuff.

That's all i can think of at the moment.


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