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Hard times coming up

2017-08-08 03:04:30 by AsternFredAnimations

First off, no i didnt get into 3DCollege. and secondly, i went through 9th grade and passed everything, top grade on all English tests, pretty good. And now for today, i do animate but the problem with it though is that i cant get far into the progress since Flash keeps closing down every time i get half way through the animation. I wont give up though, it might just take longer than i anticipated to animate. Anyway, i am taking the 10th grade too, and after that if i havnt found a job or got into an animator workshop/school i will "possibly" be moving to Chicago for a bit over a year to study there. I've heard that they accept basically everyone who seeks to study there,  so that's good. That's all for now, i hope i finish an animation soon. Fred signing off.


 Yes i am studying a lot, and that equals in that i cant really afford to spend time "animating" when i say animating i mean starting a project and leaving it for a long period of time. I'm also "possibly" getting in to 3D College where i can learn more about 3D which will do me good, only "maybe" though


I actually "surprisingly as it may be" animate some time in my spare time, but i cant run away from the fact that i'm a "gamer" and i spend a shit ton of my free time gaming, but that's because it's relaxing, and i really need to relax after studying as i do. "i never finished my 9th grade in elementary school so i'm taking it in a school for grown up people *not embaresing at all...* " compared to most animators who say that they study, they actually study animating and do animating in their school time, I WANNA' DO THAT! unfortunately there is only 1 animator school in Denmark where they focus specificly on animating, and it's SUPER hard to get a spot there. Anyway i am animating some times but not all the time, and i have a LOT! of unfinished projects on my PC just lying there, but it is very hard to animate with a crappy program as (Macromedia Flash MX 2004) but i cant really complain about it because it's free and i have abseloutly no money to spare for anything except the rent for the appartment and food... I'll finish one of the animations at some point in this year though i promise, but it'll probably only be some boring strange crazy stick figure animation since that's all i can do in that program, there's really not many tools to work with and i have a really bad/cheap drawing tablet that's not making it easier. Most of the drawings i have made is actually just practise for drawing styles, color combining and other stuff.

That's all i can think of at the moment.


Evil-Dog gave me a push and told me, AND I QUOTE! (Your name is AsternFredAnimations but you only have 1 animation, make more bro! :P) So yea... expect crappy stickmen animations from me for a while, just so i can live up to my name AsternFred"Animations" i have about 6 half finished projects already, so you'll probably see something sooner than you know it.

PROBLEM It's been a long time since i last put up a post. This post is about be being Waaaaaaay too slow with uploading stuff. I am animating by the way, and i just got some new sound/voice recording stuff, but i animate and draw VERY! slow because *I SUCK* or so i think myself. All i have to work with right now is freakin' Macromedia Flash MX 2004 And that's not a good program by the way, but it is free. So that's what i have to work with and that's also why i work so slowly, because it's hard to work with a program that has basically only 2 pencil types and the basic tools. I'll be uploading as soon as i finish something though, just expect some craaaazy stuff, because there is really none of the lines that is shaped as i want them to be. Cya around

I've taken a big decision for next month... I'm gonna spend all of my payment to buy Adobe Flash CS6. Am i sure i want to do that and is it worth it? YES! i have to do it sometime and that time would be as good as any other. I cant wait to show you guys what i've learned from tutorials on the web, and i have so many ideas i have to get out so look forward to it :D

AsternFredAnimations i changed the name because in the future, when i'll be making animations, it's going to be called "AsternFredAnimations" AFA for short. My avatar name is AsternFred so i figured. Why not AsternFredAnimations? well, it is and it will stay that way. "olopoly has haunted me long enough followed by Fred The Assassin a.k.a FTAstudios" i think i'll be making a combo animation some day about all three as their own character... "too many ideas!" i'll put the idea aside along with all my other ideas for now. "i literally have a chest filled with papers with ideas i have written down to remember later" With that said -Stay cool folks- ~AsternFred - out~

I'll inform you that i wont be animating n'till i get a real CS6. at the moment i own *and i am not afraid to say it because it's not entirely illegal* a utorrent cracked version of CS4 and i cant find a permenant code for it so i'll have to find a new one every time i open it. And frankly, i am getting pretty tired of that. So i'll be animating when i get a real perm. code. which i will probably... Possibly... Maybe, do in about July. Meanwhile i'll be drawing and illustrating. first off, it's kinda fun, and secondly it doesn't require as much time. I find it very relaxing and teaching. So you will probably be seeing more art soon. n'till then, have a good time. ~AsternFred - out~


2016-02-09 23:59:25 by AsternFredAnimations



I hereby dedicate "most of" my extremely boring freetime i have to animate. I have made some movement tests "Just ask Wooley World... no seriursly, dont." and they look pretty... alright they look terrible, point is i know the basics now and i found out how much time it will take me to make just ONE! animation, and how much patience it requires. To all animators out there, i am truely sorry i ever thought your "job" as animator was easy and didn't require much patience. But i am not a patient guy, but i am not the type to give up either, and THAT is a bad combination. I guess it goes through the family the whole "not being patient" thing. But i will spend more time animating now. I havn't been kepping my promise before, but i will now... Hopefully... Probably... Possibly... Alright i wont make promises i cant keep but i sure as hell will give it a try and i'll succeed some day.


I finally finished my Christmas animation. I was very buissy so i didn't have alot of time to make it. I had one day left. it took me 7 hours to make it... 15 if you count the breaks. At (3:00 AM) i made the final touch and uploaded it to newgrounds. I was time pressed so i couldn't make it as perfect as i wanted to, but i thought *if you cant make it perfect, then at least make what you had in mind.* and so i did. It's not "amazing" i guess. But it's kinda good for a first animation if you ask me. The others i am gonna' make will be alot better, since i wont be time pressed. I really hope you like it, or at least find it a bit funny. Have a Merry Christmas. And Happy Hollidays, or whatever...


Oh man, i said i was gonna' make an animation soon. And F**K YEA I AM! It's CHRISTMAS! DAMMIT! I promised people that i would finish this one project before the 24th December. And so i will. It may be crappy, it may not but one thing is for sure. I am gonna' make it, so stay put, first animation ever.