Entry #14

Hard times coming up

2017-08-08 03:04:30 by AsternFredAnimations

First off, no i didnt get into 3DCollege. and secondly, i went through 9th grade and passed everything, top grade on all English tests, pretty good. And now for today, i do animate but the problem with it though is that i cant get far into the progress since Flash keeps closing down every time i get half way through the animation. I wont give up though, it might just take longer than i anticipated to animate. Anyway, i am taking the 10th grade too, and after that if i havnt found a job or got into an animator workshop/school i will "possibly" be moving to Chicago for a bit over a year to study there. I've heard that they accept basically everyone who seeks to study there,  so that's good. That's all for now, i hope i finish an animation soon. Fred signing off.


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